Sleep Number Mattress Review

A mattress is the vital part of any bedroom. No matter what bed you are using, flat or adjustable, a comfortable mattress plays an important role in giving you a good night’s sleep. The Sleep Number mattress from Sleep Comfort is a mattress that gives you a personalized experience while asleep. You will feel more rejuvenated after sleeping on a Sleep Number mattress because of its high-quality construction. Sleep Comfort has developed the Sleep Number concept that is implemented in all its beds.

The Sleep Number setting is a customized feature of the Sleep Number bed that brings together mattress coziness, firmness and buoyancy. A Sleep Number setting for you can be found out on the basis of your height, weight, usual sleeping position and choice of sleep surface. You can adjust the settings from 0 to 100 for a softer or harder support. You can find out your sleep number and set the Sleep Number bed accordingly to suit your body best. Such beds are manufactured by Sleep Comfort only.

A Sleep Number mattress is different from the traditional mattresses. It is not made from metal coils and springs. The bed has innovatively designed air compartments that lend a soothing comfort to your body. They can be conveniently altered as per your requirements for softness or firmness. The best part about it is that this Sleep Number mattress can be adjusted for both sides of the bed. Though you might be sharing your bed with your spouse, every person’s body is different and thus will have a unique Sleep Number.

Sleep Comfort is one company that incorporates the Pressure Map technology in its beds and mattresses. People who have the habit of sleeping on firm beds put unnecessary pressure on certain body points. This results in a disturbed sleep and restlessness. Sleep Number mattresses are used with Sleep Number beds that are tested for pressure points in the factory. These tests help to find out if the air chamber design is efficient and conforms to the human body that is lying on it. When the Sleep Number is adjusted on your bed, the pressure points that are not required are removed or highly decreased.

The success of Sleep Comfort lies in the fact that a Sleep Number Mattress can be found in Radisson Hotels and Resorts the world over. Why go for any ordinary mattress when you are going to spend one-third of your life asleep? Sleep Number mattresses are excellent examples of excellent technology in mattress design.