Pillows Buying Guide

It's an amazing yet true fact that we will sleep for approximately one third of our life. For this reason alone it is essential that we provide ourselves with the best pillows that will give us the quality of sleep that we need each night.

Pillow choice is not always simple as it often relies on personal preference. There are specific pillows for all kinds of preference; for people who primarily sleep on the back, anti-snore pillows, maternity pillows, and special rounded pillows for stomach sleepers. Our guide will allow you to review the type of pillow that will best suit you and make buying pillows a whole lot easier.

Points to consider before you buy

Before buying a new pillow you should consider a few points first. Firstly, the position you prefer to sleep in. As mentioned earlier; there are different types of pillows for sleeping in different positions. Whether you toss around or sleep dead still you will want to consider your pillow purchase carefully. Also remember to shop for different pillows if you sleep with a partner as you each may have certain preferences.

How often should you replace your pillows?

  • Depends on the materials used in your pillows.
  • Check with the pillow manufacturer for estimated life span.
  • Consider replacing your pillows after 6 months and upwards as a general rule.

Testing the condition of your pillows

If you have feather down and synthetic pillows you can test the condition and evaluate whether they need replacing:

  • Fold your pillow in half and place on a flat surface.
  • Place a shoe on top of the pillow.
  • If the show remains on top when you let go, it could be time to buy new pillows...if the shoe is flung off then your pillow has some life in it yet!

Do you prefer firm or soft?

  • If you are of large build or sleep on your side then consider buying a firm pillow.
  • The best choice if you sleep on your back may well be a medium or firm pillow
  • If you are of slight build a soft pillow is probably your best choice. This is also true for children and people that lie on the stomach whilst asleep.

Size and fill of your bed pillows

The size of pillow that you buy should depend on the size of your bed. Standard size pillows are ok for twin beds but for queen and king size beds you'll obviously want queen or king size pillows. Once again, preference may mean you want to buy large pillows even if you have a twin or single bed.

It is important that you choose pillows with the right fill. Foam pillows are firm and hold shape when you’re sleeping at night. For a softer cushion, down pillows are ideal. For a pillow that is somewhere in-between soft and firm then look for a polyester filling. Some of the best pillows will be made with a core of a polyester or foam filling ad surrounded by soft down. They are usually hypoallergenic, so can be used by people that suffer from allergies.

Taking care of your pillows

To prolong the life of your pillows you should clean them if possible. Some pillows are machine-washable, like some latex pillows, but not all, so take note of the washing guidelines of the pillows you buy. Pillow protectors can be bought to cover the pillow; keeping it clean and fresh. Fluff up your pillows each day and air them on sunny days. This will help keep the pillows fresh and get rid of dust mites.