Orthopaedic Mattress Review and Guide

The orthopaedic mattress is an ideal solution for many of us that suffer from back problems. These mattresses will provide support for your spine and back during sleep, which many inferior mattresses often fail to achieve.

Sleeping on some ranges of mattresses can heighten the likelihood of muscular discomfort, aches and stiffness. Orthopedic mattresses will help retain the proper posture of the body during sleep, relieving unnecessary pressure points and tensions. Many people put up with discomfort during the night due to their mattress, but if you are one of these people or are just looking to buy a new mattress, then the orthopedic mattress is well worth considering.

Mattresses that have been used for far too long is a primary factor in large number of back related problems. Although that cheap mattress you found at the local store may save you a bit of money, it may not provide value in padding and support that the body needs.

Orthopaedic mattresses are available in a range of constructions from coils and springs, to orthopedic foam mattress sets using memory foam or latex. It's possible to buy orthopaedic mattresses combining a number of these materials. This can mean that these mattresses can cost varying prices, and when you add in to the mix the variety of sizes and firm or soft levels to choose from, you'll find no shortage of choices. Furthermore to the point, you shouldn't buy a mattress that you think will do. A firm orthopedic mattress can differ greatly from a soft one, so make sure you review your preferences before buying.

Memory foam orthopaedic mattress

The benefit of memory foam is its capabilities to support the body evenly. This allows pressure points to be relieved and the natural double "S" shape of the spine to be supported. Memory foam can adjust to body temperature so it can shape to the body very well.

Spring orthopaedic mattress

Originally, all mattresses would use the spring coil system, but introductions like memory foam have impacted on the popularity of spring mattresses. However, they are still the most popular type of mattress and can range in price dramatically. At the higher end are the spring mattresses with orthopaedic qualities.

Dunlop/Talalay latex foam orthopaedic mattress

The natural latex originates from the sap of rubber trees and can be processed in to special latex foam. The properties are similar to memory foam and as such have orthopadedic properties. The range of memory foam mattresses on the market is greater than that of the latex mattress but this is sure to change over time. Latex can provide a bouncier feel than memory foam, so you might want to compare both before you buy.

For the best orthopedic mattress you might want to check out some of the well-known brands like Sealy and Silentnight (double tufted and double cushion top are particulary popular). There are quite a few brands that sell some impressive orthopaedic mattresses so these two are certainly not the only manufacturers of ortho pedic mattresses to look at. Fortunately the internet will suggest a number of mattresses that will suit your requirements if you take a bit of time to browse the available options.