Kingsdown Mattress and Bed Review

When it comes to making major purchases like when buying new mattresses, all of us want to ensure that we're getting value for money. After all, buying a new mattress shouldn't be a regular occurrence, in fact most should last upwards of 20 years. So, what does the Kingsdown mattress range have to offer?

When compared to some of the large mattress manufacturers such as Simmons and Serta, Kingsdown can be viewed as a relatively small and independent brand, although they have been around for many years.

One of the main selling points of this brand is their BodyDiagnostics™ system, which helps you identify the ideal mattress for your body type. The BodyDiagnostics™ system only takes a few minutes to calculate the sleep surface that is best suited to provide you with pressure relief and postural support.

Kingsdown Sleep Systems

There are several sleep systems from Kingsdown all offering their own features. Primarily there are 3 Kingsdown mattress models; Perfect Partner, Body System and Plush Sense.

  • Perfect Partner Mattress - One of the claims of this model is that is is the most technologically advanced mattress in the world. One of the most favored benefits is the reduction in "jolting" that is caused when your partner moves around during the night. This mattress cushions the movement so that you do not feel the movement.
  • Body System - These mattresses use modern full coil systems that provide support to your back and spine during the night. Your body posture is maintained to help avoid muscles aches and joint pains.
  • Plush Sense - For supreme comfort, the Plush Sense mattress incorporates the full coil system, but is also hypoallergenic and breathes.

In addition to these mattress models, Kingsdown also have a number of sleep systems:

  • BodySystem
  • BodyBlend
  • BodyEssential
  • BodyDuet
  • BodyCaress

All of the above models boast of a Full Coil Box Spring, Full Body Surround™, and Cushion Cloud® Construction which help with postural alignment and pressure relief.

The Cushion Cloud Construction provides better weight distribution when lying on the bed. This relieves pressure on certain areas of the body, which can reduce movement during the night when you shift around to get comfortable.

The Full Coil Boxsprings are all assembled by hand and custom designed to achieve proper weight distribution. The boxspring even helps prolong the life of the mattress, and works as a shock absorber against body weight to enhance comfort.

The Full Body Surround completely encompasses the mattress core with the assembly of top, bottom, and side support pieces. This aims to a number of things which include providing a pressure relieving surface, full side-to-side sleep surface and superior edge support.

In addition to the 5 systems mentioned above, Kingsdown also have the BodyMotion adjustable bed which incorporates the BodyMotion sleep system. This bed focuses again on postural alignment and superior comfort, but also features a one-touch sleep button, variable speed wave motion massage unit and wall-hugging motion.

Kingsdown mattresses and beds are certainly impressive and are well worth looking into further when you are ready to buy. Take a look online at some of the great deals on the Kingsdown range.