Jamison Mattress Review and Guide

The Jamison mattress range is one of the most reputable as these mattresses are used in a number of hotel accommodations, and also of course in many homes. The Jamison mattress company has been around since 1883, and as such have recently released two new mattress models to their range to celebrate the company's 125th anniversary, so let's briefly review the Jamison range.

There are 3 main models of Jamison mattresses; the True Balance, Equalizer and Vita Pedic. All 3 uses what is referred to as Smart Coil technology constructed from tempered steel, open-ended fine wire LFK coil.

The Smart Coils work in tandem when weight is applied because they are constructed with alternating right and left-turns. This technology helps lessen the disturbance experienced when partners move around during their sleep, so that the sleeping surface can be balanced for both partners.

The models that are used in hotels throughout the world are known as the Resort Collection. These feature Talalay latex, Omalon foam and Visco memory foam to create truly comfortable and supportive mattresses.

The two most recent additions to the Jamison mattress range are the Jamison Tradition and the Jamison Heritage. Both are available from online stores, along with the rest of the Jamison range.

Like several other mattress manufacturers, Jamison is also incorporating the widely supported latex memory foam in to their mattresses. Memory foam technology was initially developed as a way to reduce the pressure placed upon astronauts as they travel into space. The benefits of this material though, were soon introduced to mattresses available for retail.

The memory foam mattress material adapts and moulds to the contours of the body, meaning that the spine is supported properly and pressure points are relieved. This ultimately means that users can reduce the stress on their body and wake up without muscle and joint pain.

Jamison mattress prices vary depending on the dealer you buy from, but it can pay off reading reviews and looking to buy a Jamison mattress online, as internet retailers can often beat offline retailers on price. Jamison has some supreme mattresses on offer for your bed and is certainly worth considering when it comes time to buy your new mattress.