Guide to Buying a Futon Mattress

A futon is a great piece of furniture to invest in, and is often a good alternative to buying sofa beds. Futons are stylish, and of course provide the user with the options of both a bed and a sofa.

Like an ordinary bed, the mattress is what provides the most comfort for the user in a futon. Unlike a typical bed however, the mattress is also the seat and back rest when using the futon as a seat. For this reason, choosing the right futon mattress is important in order to have both a comfortable place to sleep and to sit.

Of course, futon mattresses need to be easily folded, which as you might know is almost impossible with a regular mattress. They are usually filled with foam as well as synthetic or cotton batting, but the outer fabric can be made from a number of materials. Futon mattresses are surprisingly comfortable considering their versatility, and many consumer reviews claim of improved back support compared to many other mattress styles.

Types of Futon Mattresses

There are 3 main mattress types you can buy for your futon. Each make and type of mattress will differ in firmness, rigidity and flexibility.

  • Foam and Cotton Futon Mattresses

    Often referred to as the traditional futon mattress. This mattress is good for all year round as cotton fabric allows the mattress to breathe, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

  • Innerspring Futon Mattresses

    Like traditional bed mattresses, the innerspring futon mattress is obviously crafted with springs and so resembles the feel of a typical bed. Innerspring futon mattresses are best suited to futons that only require one fold when in the seat position.

  • Memory Foam Futon Mattresses

    Memory or latex foam futon mattresses are excellent at supporting the body and maintaining proper spinal alignment when sleeping. The memory foam mattress responds to your body movements and provides support where needed.

The internet is the ideal place to locate inexpensive futon mattresses, but notice the difference between cheap and inexpensive. Like other mattresses, cheap can often mean uncomfortable and unreliable, so when looking for discount deals don't disregard quality.

You'll find quite a few futon mattress brands to choose from. The Sealy Posturepedic futon mattress is a particularly popular model available in several sizes such as queen, full and twin. It features 2 layers of high density foam, 4 layers of blended cotton fibers and 2 layers of super soft foam for maximum comfort and support. Take a bit of time to look at several brands before buying so you know you are getting the best rated futon mattress for your money.

It's also a good idea having invested in a new futon mattress to buy futon mattress covers to protect it against spills and moisture.