Who Makes the Best Mattress?

Mattresses are a hot commodity on the furniture market, and this is not without reason. Your mattress has a big role to play in your physical comfort during sleep, and the way your mattress was constructed could easily affect the quality of that sleep. As such, one of the questions typically asked by concerned customers looking for a brand-new replacement mattress for that worn-out pile of springs is: which company makes the best mattress? The answer to this question is not particularly clear-cut, but there are several ways to determine which mattresses are among the best.

How can I tell which mattress is the best?

One method that could provide you with a good indication of a mattress's overall quality would be to look for statistics on customer satisfaction percentages. A large percentage of satisfied customers should give you a basic idea of how well that mattress rates within the overall market. This method is definitely more reliable than simply choosing the mattress that has the most sales. If the history of popular products tells us anything, it is that mass sales do not necessarily reflect high quality, and mattresses are no exception to the rule.

Customer satisfaction

The mattress brands that are rated for highest quality and customer satisfaction according to recent statistics include Comfortaire for airbed mattresses, Night Therapy, Bodipedic, and Tempurpedic for memory foam mattresses, Sealy SpringFree for latex mattresses, and Serta for innerspring mattresses.

Naturally, each mattress type provides a different level of quality. For example, innerspring mattresses are characteristically placed at the bottom of the comfort, quality, and stability pyramid, while higher end memory foam mattresses will be placed at the top. In a descending order from best to worst defined by mattress type, most customers would use the following ranking system: memory foam > latex > airbed > innerspring > yellow foam. However, it is important to remember that this is not always the case. Some people prefer different types of mattresses over others, and there is no guarantee that someone accustomed to the firmness of an innerspring mattress will be blown away by the texture of a memory foam mattress. The best way to find out which option would suit you is to try out each mattress type on your own and then select the one that maintains the highest ratings in customer reviews within its category.


Wrapping things up, there are several ways to determine the best mattress brands available. If you are interested in the best one out there, consider looking into mattress rating statistics. The mattress that stands out above the rest in customer satisfaction is the option that you should go for, but keep in mind that the way the mattress is designed will influence your rating of it as well. Just because someone else favored a particular mattress highly does not mean that you will encounter the same positive attributes. However, you can certainly get a basic idea of who makes the best mattress this way.