Englander Mattress Guide

When buying a new mattress it is well worth spending a bit of time reviewing the available brands and models within your budget. Like many mattresses, you'll find positive and negative reviews, and Englander mattresses are no different. However, let's first take a look at what the company has to offer.

Mattresses are ultimately measured by comfort, support and price (unfortunately!) being a factor too. Not all of us can go out and spend thousands on a top of the range mattress, so it's essential we get the most value out of the money that we do have.

Englander mattress prices are on the whole pretty cheap when compared to competing manufacturers. However, some reviews do mention that the mattress has only lasted a few years after purchase.

However, the Englander mattress company does constantly improve their mattress products to meet the demands of consumers. Suffice it to say that Englander aims to provide the best mattresses for users to get restful sleep, so let's take a look at a few of the models available to buy.

Lady Englander

The Lady Englander mattress does gather good feedback because it's comfortable to sleep on. It's made from quality materials and is engineered well. As a relatively cheap mattress, the Lady Englander is favored because it has comfort and support at the right price.

However, there are instances when this mattress has not lasted as long as consumers expect. One of the problems that some people found was the roll-off effect, which is often found with wearing mattresses.

Consumers should weigh up the pros and cons when deciding upon the Lady Englander mattress. Yes, the mattress might not have durability as one of its best features, but it does have comfort and support at a good price.

Englander Nature's Finest

The Englander Nature's Finest mattress aims to not only be a sleep system that is good for you to sleep on, but also good for the environment too. For this, the mattress uses organic materials including organic cotton fabric, organic New Zealand wool and natural latex.

In addition to the organic materials used above, the Nature's Finest mattress also uses a coil unit which is made from recycled materials, and a foundation unit that's made from untreated sustainable wood.

Englander ViscoPedic

The benefits of a memory foam mattress is one of the most talked about topics in bedroom furniture.

This material is highly responsive to weight and changes in body temperature, and when used in mattresses like the Englander ViscoPedic the result is a pressure-free sleep. As memory foam conforms so well to the body it reduces tossing and turning during the night and limits motion transfer.

Englander Synergy

Another mattress that uses the memory foam material is the Englander Synergy. This mattress combines the material with natural rubber latex so that the user gets the pressure-relief of memory foam along with the conforming properties of latex.

The mattress is good at maintaining comfortable temperature too. It'll keep you warm during the winter and cool during the summer. Of course, like the ViscoPedic this mattress can also help limit motion transfer.

Englander Tension Ease

Englander also has a collection of innerspring mattresses like the Posture Support and Tension Ease sets. These mattresses isolate motion, and have received some good reviews from consumers impressed with this mattress.

Like other Englander mattresses, the Tension Ease is a good choice for people on a budget. It's a good idea to bear this model in mind when you've decided on the comfort level (pillow top, plush, ultra firm, etc) you desire and the price you are looking to spend on a new mattress.