Electric Blanket Tips & Guide

If you like to feel cozy and toasty when you're in bed, or even when you're lazing on the sofa in front of the TV, then an electric blanket might be the perfect investment. Although electric bedding items have been around for over 100 years already, electric blankets (invented in the 1930's) are still one of the best selling bedding products.

One of the great features of the best electric blankets is their capability to provide almost instantaneous warmth. In fact, turning electric blankets on for just a few minutes before getting in to bed will make it very warm and cosy. Today's modern electric blankets can even respond to body and room temperatures, warming areas of your body that need it most, such as your feet.

You can find electric blankets for sale in all standard sizes, such as king, queen and twin, although you may not find them in your perfect choice of color. There isn't the variety in styles, colors and designs of electrical blankets like there are with duvets or comforters. There are however a variety of uses. Available to buy are fitted electric blankets that you can of course use when in bed, but there are also electric blanket models and electric throw blanket models that offer versatility in use.

Take note of electric blanket safety

There seem to be a lot of concerns when it comes to the safety and proper use of electric blankets. Some people like to use a fitted electric blanket or heated mattress pad under their body as well as an electric over blanket during the night. Whether you use either or both take note of our safety tips:

  • Always read the manufacturers guidelines on electric blanket use. Some suppliers may recommended removing other bedding materials when you electrical blanket is turned on.
  • The electric blanket should be connected directly in to a 110-120 volt socket. Some manufacturers state that you should not use extension cords.
  • If you use an electric under blanket and over blanket, make sure you don't have them at a heat that may result in burns.
  • Make sure the blanket cord does not become trapped in-between the mattress and boxspring. This can also result from blankets that are too big for your bed size so select the correct size of electric blanket to prevent trapping and folding.
  • Keep the thermostat controls away from any dangers of getting wet.
  • Switch off the heated blanket when not in use.
  • Never use an electric blanket and hot water bottle at the same time
  • Follow the washing guidelines for your electric blanket provided by the manufacturer.
  • Book in for an electric blanket service by an expert every three years, unless otherwise indicated by the manufacturer.

Save money with an electric heated blanket

Although there are plenty of cheap electric blankets available (not always recommended), you can in fact save money no matter which blanket you buy. Using a heated blanket often means you don't need the central heating on as high a setting as you otherwise would. A warm electric blanket whilst you sleep means you can have an alternative to central heating bills.

In addition to saving money on the use of a full electric blanket, you can also save on the purchase as well. Using online bedding retailers makes finding a cheap electric blanket easy, though you should still bear in mind quality before any purchase. An electrical blanket sale may be your best chance to buy electric blanket models and saving money, so be aware of any current deals from online retailers.

A few good blankets to get you started

  • Simmons Beautyrest electric blanket - One of the most popular, well-manufactured and elegant blankets on the market.
  • Dreamland electric blanket - A range of under and electric over blankets that are ideal for any home owner.
  • SoftHeat King electric blanket - A wireless electric blanket which means no wires!
  • Sunbeam electric blanket - An all-round durable and affordable blanket, and easily washable too.