Benefits of the Egg Crate Mattress Pad

It seems that more and more people these days are suffering from back problems and other sleep related issues. Thankfully, technology is advancing at a rate that's quickly providing new sleep solutions to help people feel better and get more restful sleep. One of these new technologies is known as the egg crate mattress pad. It gets its name from the fact that the top surface is constructed in such a way as to resemble the paper or Styrofoam carton your eggs come in.

The egg crate mattress pad is a revolutionary design in sleep solutions proving to be useful for some very specific conditions like:

  • restless leg syndrome
  • arthritis pain
  • pinched nerves
  • sore muscles; muscle injuries

Back Pain

Many people suffer from chronic back pain and don't realize it's either caused, or exacerbated by, their inner spring mattress. Inner spring mattresses tend to create pressure points which can, in turn, cause back pain. And as an inner spring mattress gets older, it progressively gets worse.

Some people have turned to inflatable or memory foam mattresses as a means of relieving their back pain, only to find that they didn't work so well either. A happy medium in some of these cases is the egg crate mattress pad. Placed on top of your mattress, underneath your fitted sheet, the egg crate mattress pad provides a supportive barrier between you and the pressure points of your mattress. It helps to conform your body to your existing mattress and acts as a full body "shock absorber" of sorts. Many people with chronic back pain who cannot use memory foam or inflatable mattresses find great relief with an inner spring mattress and an egg crate mattress pad.

Bed Sores

Hospitals and nursing homes have discovered that egg crate mattress pads are great at helping to relieve bed sores. Bed sores occur in patients who are confined to their beds for extended periods of time. Whether they are immobile or just not allowed to get out of bed, constant contact between the skin and the mattress causes raw spots which eventually develop into open sores. These open sores can become infected, often leading to systemic infections that can even be deadly. Therefore, controlling bed sores is a priority for hospitals and nursing homes.

The egg crate mattress pad helps to reduce the incidence of bed sores because of the construction of the mattress pad itself. By having the alternating "hills and valleys" even subtle movements of the body result in a change in the amount of contact between mattress and skin. It is such a simple and inexpensive solution that hospitals and nursing homes are jumping on board en masse. While bed sores are still a possibility even with egg crate mattress pads, the likelihood of them occurring has greatly been reduced.

Motion Issues

Another group of people that can greatly benefit from the egg crate mattress pad are couples who face motion issues in bed. For example, an inner spring mattress can be a nightmare in a situation where one partner moves incessantly during the night and keeps the other one awake with the constant motion. The construction of the egg crate mattress pad allows much of the shock from your partner's movement to be absorbed. It won't completely eliminate all sensations of movement, but can reduce them enough so that you're not kept awake.

Egg crate mattress pads can be used either with the bumps facing up or facing down. The way you place it will depend on your purpose for using it. Most people with back issues or bed sore potential will lay the mattress pad with the bumps facing up. For people who are simply having motion issues, the bumps can be laid facing down. Of course, you want to put the mattress pad directly on the mattress with your fitted sheet over the top of it.