Adjustable Beds for GERD

GERD sufferers know that it’s not always the type of food that they eat that causes painful acid reflux. There are some lifestyle changes that you can make to ease your discomfort and stop the symptoms of acid reflux. The way that you sleep may have a tremendous impact on your symptoms. Doctors recommend that sufferers of GERD sleep in a slightly upright position to help keep the stomach acids in the stomach. Adjustable beds are the perfect answer to make this important lifestyle change.

An adjustable bed is similar to hospital beds that allow you to elevate the bed so that you are slightly upright while sleeping. This can help you if you suffer from frequent heartburn. Adjust the bed to the position that keeps you from experiencing symptoms and you can take a nap or even go to bed for the night.

The adjustable bed also gives you a great place to read at night before you go to sleep. The beds are not made just for hospital patients anymore. The latest adjustable beds do not look anything like a hospital bed and are attractive for your décor. In fact, most people would never guess that your bed is adjustable. With the right comforter and bedding, an adjustable bed is an attractive fit for your bedroom.

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