Best Orthopedic Mattress

Traditionally, orthopedic mattresses have been recommended for people with back or spinal issues as they are designed specifically to give support in the lower back and around the spine. Orthopedic mattresses are in general firmer and more rigid than a traditional mattress. There is no official definition of what constitutes an orthopedic mattress, and as labeling a product as orthopedic increases its desirability, many companies are marketing their mattresses as orthopedic even when they are no different to their regular mattresses. As a consequence of this, it is important to know what features to look out for in an orthopedic mattress to ensure that you choose the best orthopedic mattress for your needs.

What is an orthopedic mattress?

Put simply, an orthopedic mattress is designed with the support of the spine in mind above other issues such as softness and attractiveness. When sleeping, the spine naturally forms an S shape and this shape may not be adequately supported by a very soft mattress. Sleeping on a mattress which does not support the back properly can lead to back pain and discomfort. Given that around one third of a person’s life is spent sleeping in bed, it is of critical importance that the mattress is adequate for your needs. The two main types of mattresses are sprung mattresses and unsprung mattresses. Mattresses with springs are the traditional method of mattress construction. Springs are what give the mattresses their bounce, and both the amount of the springs and how springy they are will affect how comfortable the mattress is. Most mattress stores will have a range of different samples of mattresses which will allow you to try out a few to see which are most comfortable for your needs. When lying on the mattress it is important that your back feels supported.

The introduction of memory foam

One of the most recent developments in the mattress world is the advent of memory foam. Memory foam was originally developed by NASA to make aircraft cushions safer and more comfortable. The technology was adapted for use in mattresses and is now very popular. When someone lies on a memory foam mattress, it molds to the shape of their body and helps support their back and spine as they sleep. Many people find that they are far more comfortable than a normal mattress, and products made from memory foam are among the top sellers of the mattress world. When investing in memory foam mattresses, there are two main choices. Firstly, you can buy mattresses made entirely of memory foam. These mattresses are generally thinner than traditional mattresses, but despite the size they can be very comfortable. The other option for memory foam is a mattress topper, which is a much thinner layer of memory foam which is attached on top of your regular mattress. A mattress topper will not turn a soft mattress into an orthopedic mattress, but thicker layers of memory foam on a bed can be just as good as a sprung orthopedic mattress.