Bemco Mattress Reviews

Bemco is a company that manufactures a number of mattresses aimed at providing support and comfort. The series includes the the Sleep Dimensions Collection, Posture Collection, USA Gymnast Collection and MemoryRest Collection.

The Bemco mattress range employs advanced sleep technology called the Bemco Posture Zone Suspension System to help you get needed rest. This system has featured in Bemco mattresses since 1970, and is composed of three main features; the Posture Zone Surface, Posture Zone Innerspring and Foundation.

The Posture Zone Surface is a patented design of luxurious upholstery and insulating layers. The innerspring and foundation on the other hand provide the supportive strength of the mattress. This helps prevent the breakdown of the center and border that many cheap mattresses encounter. This durability is important in mattresses so that you don't find yourself buying a replacement just a couple of years down the line.

Bemco Mattress Range

Bemco Sleep Dimensions Collection

For undisturbed sleep, this collection conforms to the motion of your body. What this means is that the user can sleep on the mattress and not be woken by movements of the mattress when tossing and turning.

This benefit is achieved by using heat tempered coils that are individually encased. When combined with the edge-to-edge support this makes for a very resilient mattress. The Sleep Dimensions mattress can be bought in comfort levels ranging from plush to firm to suit your preference.

Bemco Posture Collection

Just like the Sleep Dimensions series, the Posture Collection can be bought in different sleep settings. In fact the Posture mattresses are available in 7 comfort levels from plush to firm.

Featuring the Posture Zone Suspension System, this mattress is capable of supporting users across the whole surface area from center to edge.

Bemco MemoryRest Collection

The visco-elastic material found in memory foam mattresses is widely regarded as one of the most comfortable and supportive materials used in mattresses nowadays. The MemoryRest's viscoelastic cells are able to conform to the shape of the body.

What memory foam achieves is better spinal support. The mattress adapts to the contours of your body, relieving aches and eliminating pressure points. These mattresses can also adapt very fast to body heat, providing support where it's needed most.

Bemco USA Gymnast Collection

This collection is advertised as the "Official Mattress of the U.S. Gymnastics Team". They are designed to provide the utmost posture support during sleep.

The USA Gymnast Collection features the Health-O-Matic Suspension System to provide an edge-to-edge sleep surface. The mattress is especially built for increased strength in the foundation and innerspring and to allow proper posture support.