Aireloom Mattress Review

It wasn't so long ago that the Aireloom mattress was the choice of the White House. It is in fact claimed that during the Reagan era every bedroom was fitted out with this brand. Nowadays, Aireloom mattresses are still going strong and are renowned for their style and superior craftsmanship.

In 2004, the rights to Aireloom were purchased by the founder of the Chattam & Wells mattress company. A new generation of luxury Aireloom mattresses were released, which promised optimum pressure relief, support and luxury. Let's take a closer look at what the brand has to offer.

A Closer Look at Aireloom Mattresses

The selling point behind many of today's advanced mattresses is the ability to conform to the natural shape of your body, much like that of a memory foam mattress. Aireloom is no different in that their mattress range aims to ultimately provide support and comfort to the areas of the body that need it most when sleeping. To do this they use a blend of materials such as New Zealand Joma wool, pure staple cotton and Talalay latex foam. For the reasons we outline in our memory foam mattress guide, Aireloom mattresses may also combine visco elastic foam to maximize support and durability.

There are several models that are currently available from the Airloom mattress range:

  • Aireloom Synchronized Support
  • Aireloom Handcrafted
  • Aireloom Luxury Latex
  • Aireloom A Latex
  • Aireloom Natural Cotton
  • Aireloom Natural Bamboo Hybrid
  • Aireloom Natural Hybrid

Each model can offer you different comfort levels and options. For example, the Aireloom Synchronized Support mattress uses what's called multigauge technology, which aims to provide maximum body balance and comfort through different support zones in the mattress. Some models of Aireloom mattresses are handcrafted to offer you the best in build quality. In fact, the Aireloom website has some interesting pictures to show you the manufacturing process that goes into their handcrafted mattresses, from the preperation stage to upholstery, hand-stitching and detailing.

Aireloom Mattress Features

Many of the Aireloom mattress lines feature visco-elastic foam and/or latex foam layers. A latex foam mattress typically has greater elasticity than that of a memory foam mattress, making them feel more springy. Combining the two foams means that you can benefit from the natural spring of a latex mattress but with with pressure relieving and body conforming features of visco memory foam.

Another feature of Aireloom is the 8 way hand-tied foundation of their mattresses. This helps to provide balance and proper alignment when sleeping, ultimately offering support to important areas of the body. The foam encased edge support is also a nice feature which prolongs the life of the mattress and prevents sagging and breakaway around the edges of the mattress.

The Aireloom mattress range can be classed at the high-end of the market, as the prices are more expensive than many competing brands. However, the quality of build construction and technology is there for all to see. In fact, many reviews of Aireloom mattresses suggest it's money well spent. Furthermore, a manufacturer warranty on the coils or wires, foundation and mattress defects offers you peace of mind if you do decide to go for an Aireloom mattress.

The Natural Benefits of Aireloom Mattresses

The mission behind all Aireloom mattresses is not only to provide a better night's sleep, but also better quality of life. To do this Aireloom outline a number of benefits that they aim to achieve:

  • Better Health
    How? By allowing natural ventilation and temperature regulation through the mattress, allowing a more comfortable and complete sleep.
  • Greater Sense of Well-Being
    How? By decreasing tossing and turning during the night, and providing pressure relief for a longer, more restful sleep.
  • Better Lumbar Support
    How? By helping decrease the common complaint of back pain, providing proper body contouring to increase circulation and improve body balance.
  • Supreme Mattress Quality
    How? Exceptional build quality, durability and handcrafted style.
  • Eco Friendly
    How? By using ecological friendly materials to minimize gas emissions, that are naturally biodegradable and use less energy to produce.

In context to the last point in the list, Aireloom use a number of natural materials in their mattresses. These include bio-based luxury foams (including a bio-based foam encasement), natural Talalay latex, natural bamboo fabrics, sustainable forest lumber and natural eco-friendly upholstery. Aireloom use a combination of these materials depending on which mattress you look at.

If you have the budget and like the sound of Aireloom mattresses, there are plenty of comfort levels available, from classic firm to extra firm and plush. Naturally the more expensive models will be the King and California King sized mattresses, but it can pay to review a number of online stores in order to find the best deal before you buy, and also to compare alternatives.