Adjustable Bed Guide

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things you can do in life. If you’re not able to rest, you simply don’t have the energy necessary to get through a day of work. This means a lot is riding on having the best mattress for you. For some, this is a standard, flat mattress. For others, however, adjustable beds are much better. These beds allow them to rest and relax like no other bed does. While they used to be fairly rare because of the price, they have become cheaper. Today, more people are able to afford adjustable beds.

Flat mattresses are often not able to provide the support that some people need in order to rest and sleep. They may find that flat mattresses cause their back, neck, head, and legs to ache, or maybe they wake up with muscle cramps or spasms. Some people lie down flat and find that they suddenly have difficulty breathing. While propping themselves up with several pillows sometimes works, it can also be uncomfortable. With adjustable beds, this is not an issue. All you have to do is grab the bed’s control and adjust it so that it’s comfortable for you.

How Adjustable Beds Work

Adjustable beds are usually divided into thirds vertically. If you have trouble breathing, all you need to do is raise the top part of the bed. You can select anywhere from a slight degree of incline to a full, upright position. This can help with many different breathing issues, including asthma and allergies, and it may even help you stop snoring. Many people find that just by inclining their upper body a few inches, their breathing becomes much less laboured.

Alleviate Foot and Leg Pain

Have leg or foot pain? Need to increase the circulation to your feet? If so, then you use the remote to raise the lower portion of the bed. As those who stand on their feet for hours at work know, one way of relieving foot pain is to prop them up. This can mean putting your feet up on a foot rest or stacking up a few pillows to elevate them. The problem is that if you fall asleep, your feet will eventually fall off the pillows. An adjustable bed does not have this problem. No matter how much you move around in your sleep, your legs and feet will always be elevated.

Split Adjustable Beds

When adjustable beds were first introduced, the entire bed had to be adjusted. This meant that if you needed to sleep at an incline but your partner needed to sleep with his or her feet up, you both had to sleep at the same incline. However, today’s adjustable beds are often split, and each side can be controlled individually. You can adjust your side while your partner adjusts his/hers without bothering each other.

If you’ve dealt with back and neck pain or poor circulation in your legs and feet for years and don’t know what to do about it, think about an adjustable bed. Sometimes, the problem really does come from lying flat on your back for eight hours a day. By not getting the rest you need, your body can’t repair itself, and then once you’re up and about, you end up causing more damage. With an adjustable bed, you may be able to finally get the sleep you need. Adjustable beds are available at many furniture stores and other places that sell beds and furniture.